Hawaii Island doctor stripped of dental, medical licenses after lawsuit

Dr. John Stover's former website

A Hawaii Island doctor accused of putting a woman in a coma has lost his dental license.

The Hawaii Board of Dental Examiners approved Monday an agreement to revoke Dr. John Stover’s dental license.

Last week, the Hawaii Medical Board revoked Stover’s medical license after a lawsuit was filed against him.

The family of Kristen Tavares said she went under anesthesia to get her wisdom teeth removed back in March and never regained consciousness. She remains at Maui Memorial Medical Center.

The lawsuit said Stover failed to follow prescribed procedures, which led to her condition.

“This promises that he will not practice in Hawaii,” said Brent Suyama, media liaison for the Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. “He agreed that he will never practice again in the state and he will never apply for a license again in Hawaii.”

The agreement does not prohibit any civil or criminal action against Stover.

So far, there have been 33 public complaints filed against him.

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