What producers look for in a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant

Wheel of Fortune

It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. “Wheel of Fortune” will shoot an entire month’s worth of shows in Hawaii and they are looking for local people who are eager to spin the wheel.

“It’s a game show. We like to have fun and we want the contestants to feel the same way,” said segment producer Stacy Thapthimthong.

Hawaii residents can submit audition videos online. The best advice when putting one together: don’t focus only on the puzzles. Personality and aloha count too.

“We look for contestants who are great puzzle solvers, who love ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and have a great energy,” Thapthimthong said, “contestants that you would want to watch on the show, that you would want to cheer for at home from your couch.”

This summer, contestants who make it past the first round of auditions will taken written tests and play the game using a mini wheel.

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“We do kind of a mock game where contestants have the opportunity to stand up and play the game,” Thapthimthong said. “When you’re actually there and the pressure is on and the lights are on, and the cameras, it’s a different feeling. So we want the contestants to be able to hold up under that pressure and have a great time.”

In addition to local contestants, the show will also offer great locally sourced prizes.

When the show is taped in the fall, contestants could win cash, trips and cars from local dealerships that add up to more than $3 million in prizes.

“We are leaving a lot of money with the contestants,” said supervising producer Steven Schwartz.

The clock is ticking for Hawaii Island residents to get their video audition ready. The deadline is Monday, May 19. Oahu residents have until mid-June to submit a video.

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