Trial begins for Haleiwa woman accused of slitting dog’s throat

Andrea Fiegle

The trial for a Haleiwa woman accused of slitting her dog’s throat began Tuesday.

After Andrea Fiegle was found mentally capable to stand trial, her attorney waived a jury trial. Instead, a judge will decide the case himself.

Police arrested Fiegle for animal cruelty last April after she called 911 to say she killed her dog when it would not stop sniffing her daughter’s crotch.

According to the prosecuting attorney, Fiegle slit the one-year-old dog’s throat with a kitchen knife and also stabbed it multiple times in the neck.

The 911 call between Fiegle and a dispatcher was played in court Tuesday.

“(What did you do to it?) I cut its throat. (Who’s dog is it?) It’s our dog. (You cut the throat of your own dog?) Yeah. (But why? Was it attacking your daughter or something?) Yes, something like that.”

“The defense doesn’t dispute that the defendant stabbed the dog. She loved the dog very much, and it was her daughter’s dog, and of course she loves her daughter very much as well,” said Fiegle’s attorney, Samuel King.

If convicted, Fiegle faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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