Woman indicted for attempted murder, says she was framed

Jill Anjuli Hansen

An Oahu grand jury has indicted a woman on a charge of second-degree attempted murder, the Dept. of the Prosecuting Attorney said Tuesday.

Authorities arrested Jill Anjuli Hansen, 30, after she allegedly drove a car into an elderly woman on Wednesday, May 14, in the underground parking garage of Diamond Head Apartments in Waikiki.

The woman, 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin, was hospitalized in serious condition with cuts, bruises and a head injury. Conklin told KHON2 she believed Hansen was trying to steal her BMW.

On Tuesday, Hansen appeared in court on an unrelated assault charge for an incident that occurred April 18.

KHON2 spoke to her as she left the courthouse.

“I’m innocent. I believe I was framed in this case,” she told KHON2. “I just wanted to surf the world tour of surfing.”

According to court documents, the impact from Hansen’s car left Conklin partially wedged beneath another vehicle. Hansen then reversed and accelerated toward Conklin, apparently trying to strike her again, documents said.

Elizabeth Conklin
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That’s when a maintenance worker, Christopher Khoury, grabbed a crowbar from his office, shattered the back of the rear windshield and Hansen eventually jumped out, documents said.

Documents said Hansen yelled out, “My father made me do this. He’s a high-powered attorney,” before she ran away. She was later identified via a photographic lineup.

Hansen was also indicted on charges of unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle and attempted unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle, according to the prosecutors office.

A trial date will be set when Hansen is served with the grand jury bench warrant.

KHON2 also learned that Hansen tried to leave while being processed at Oahu Community Correctional Center Monday.

According to the Dept. of Public Safety, Hansen tried to slip behind someone who was walking through the door.

“Thanks to the quick actions of our staff, they immediately grabbed her and stopped her from getting any further. She never got outside the intake area,” said Toni Schwartz, the department’s public information officer.

Schwartz said Hansen will not face attempted escape charges, because “staff was quick to react and able to immediately stop her.”

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