Cell phones and social media could help with Missouri armed robbery arrests

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV/CNN) – A Missouri man says he and his family were robbed at gunpoint inside their own home.

The suspects made off with several items, including a cell phone.

Now, the family could soon see an arrest in the case after tracking activity on the phone and finding texts discussing the robbery.

“I was laying right here. Laid down right here. They shot and the bullet hole is right there. It went out of the house,” Harold Molden said.

Even though Molden gave four armed robbers everything they asked for on March 22, they nearly took his life in front of his wife and three kids — including their infant son.

“One of them had a shotgun in my face. The other one had a revolver,” Molden said.

After terrorizing the family, the crooks stole an XBox 360, two cell phones and the family’s two vehicles from their home.

According to court records we obtained, the Moldens discovered the thieves not only used the stolen phone to text about the crime, but one even linked his Facebook account to the stolen phone.

Investigators got a search warrant to look through that Facebook account for digital evidence that could soon lead to an arrest.

“I told these guys they could have what they wanted they still tried to kill me. They still tried to kill me in front of my family,” Molden said.

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