Coco Palms Resort to reopen in 2017, will maintain original layout

Coco Palms Resort (File)

More details are being revealed on plans between hotel operator, Hyatt Hotels Corp., and owner and developer, Coco Palms Hui, Wednesday to bring back the historic Coco Palms Resort on Kauai.

The revitalization of the 363-room hotel is scheduled to begin in early 2015 and, following a two-year reconstruction period, is scheduled to reopen in early 2017, Hyatt announced Wednesday.

The resort’s redevelopment will preserve the original footprint of the property and signature lagoon, while rebuilding approximately 331 guestrooms and 32 bungalows, multiple restaurants, lounges and swimming pools, the hotel said.

Plans also include the catalogue and potential restoration and reuse of historic and unique elements of the hotel. A community center highlighting the cultural significance of the site will be located on property which will serve to educate residents and visitors about the area’s native culture, history and arts, the hotel said.

“In Kauai, our brand presence is underscored by the excellent reputation and memorable experiences that Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa associates have created for guests for the past 23 years,” said Jordan Meisner, senior vice president of operations for Hyatt. “We look forward to welcoming a new generation of visitors to The Coco Palms Resort along with our owners Coco Palms Hui LLC, all the while recognizing and honoring the spirit and history of the resort.”

The Coco Palms Resort was originally built in 1953 in the Wailua area of southeastern Kauai. It had just over 20 guestrooms on grounds that were once home to Kauai’s last reining queen, Queen Deborah Kapule Kekaihaakulou.

Nestled in one of the largest coconut groves in the state, the character and charm of the resort quickly elevated it as one of the most sought-after destination resorts in Hawaii.

In 1961, the on-property filming of “Blue Hawaii” made Coco Palms Resort world-famous. Screen legends from Hollywood’s Golden Age flocked to the resort and contributed in setting the tone for its storied past.

Under the direction of Grace and Gus Guslander, The Coco Palms Resort expanded to over 400 guestrooms and set a standard for Hawaiian hospitality rich in storytelling and culture until it was devastated by Hurricane Iniki in 1992.

“The redevelopment of The Coco Palms Resort is not just a feel-good story. The investment of time, money and labor to revitalize the resort grounds and reignite the spirit of this legendary hotel is great news for our community,” said Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr.

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