HECO investigates manhole cover


Hawaiian Electric Company is trying to figure out what caused a manhole cover to come off.

It happened Tuesday night at the intersection of Kapiolani Boulevard and Piikoi Street.

A man we spoke with says he drove through the open manhole and got a flat tire.

He also took this picture of another car that got stuck in the open manhole.

I thought it was a big pothole, and ’cause the car just dropped, but then it went over it and so i was really scared that my whole engine dropped. And then a few cars later, same thing happened. A couple cars ran over it. Their cars basically got flattened. Then I think a third or fourth car went through and she got stuck,” said Ricky Tucay, who drove over the manhole.

HECO says it is investigating the incident.

Anyone who would like to file a claim for this incident should call HECO at 543-4624.

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