Pleasant Hill official sends scathing resignation email, calls job ‘atrocious, incredibly depressing’

Kim Lehmkuhl
Kim Lehmkuhl

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KPIX/CNN) – The embattled city clerk of Pleasant Hill, California resigned under pressure on Monday, but not before disparaging the City Council and citizens in an email to city leaders.

Kim Lehmkuhl’s name was still on the directory in the lobby but tonight her seat at Pleasant Hill city council chambers was filled by someone else.

After months of city hall back biting, she sent a scathing resignation email, a one finger salute of epic proportions, to mayor Tim Flaherty and city manager June Catalano.

The first paragraph of the letter said she accepted a job in Washington, DC and that she would resign effective immediately.

The second is a rage filled run on.

“This has been an atrocious, incredibly depressing, and mind-numbingly inane experience I would not wish on anyone. I wish the City the best of luck in finding some schmuck eager to transcribe every last misogynistic joke, self-indulgent anecdote, and pathetic pandering attempt by Council,” Lehmkuhl wrote.

“I had been encouraging her to resign for the past four months. She had made it clear she would never resign, so actually I was pleasantly surprised despite the tone of the e-mail today to receive it,” Flaherty said.

It doesn’t end there. The take down of council and citizens continues with some phrases KPIX would rather not say on a family newscast.

Earlier this year, Lehmkuhl talked to KPIX about her job performance, saying, “I’m going to take total ownership for the fact that this work product has not been completed in a timely fashion.”

As for the resignation letter only Johnny Paycheck could be proud of, city council member Michael Harris says if he were Kim’s new D.C. employer, “I would fire her on the spot.”

The city clerk in Pleasant Hill is an elected position, so Lemkuhl could not be fired over her job performance. A group of residents had launched a recall campaign against the clerk.

There will be a measure on the upcoming ballot to change the city clerk to an appointed position.

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