Repeat felon to serve consecutive sentences for 60 years

Patrick Deguair

A repeat felon received a long sentence Wednesday.

A judge sentenced Patrick Deguair to 40 years in prison on top of the sentence he’s already serving.

Wednesday’s sentencing was for six counts of kidnapping, armed robbery and firearms violations for a crime he committed in 2007.

Deguair is already serving 20 years for separate crimes including armed robbery.

The judge also ruled Wednesday that Deguair will serve his sentences consecutively.

“I’m shocked actually. I’m shocked that the judge imposed consecutive sentencing,” said defense attorney Megan Kau. “Basically Pat has to do 60 years before he’s able to be paroled. He’s going to be 90 before he’s able to be paroled.”

“He’ll be incarcerated for some time and the public will be protected from him,” said prosecutor Scott Bell.

At one point, Deguair stood trial for murdering Jermaine Duckworth at Yokohama Bay. The case ended in a mistrial.

Deguair’s attorney said she plans to appeal Wednesday’s ruling.

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