Architects organization hosts Kakaako town hall meeting

Kakaako is one of the fastest-growing areas in the state.

They way it evolves in the coming years will depend a lot on the public.

The American Institute of Architects held its first Kakaako town hall meeting Thursday.

The group wanted to hear from residents about their vision for the area.

Many brought up the idea of more parks and adding things to make the area feel like home.

“My wife is a local girl and she says she sometimes gets physically sick when she goes and looks at these models. I think there’s a fear of change. And she just thinks that Kakaako is just going become this alien neighborhood that’s only owned by outsiders. And that no locals are never going to want to go there. And I’m trying to explain to people that if we take charge of this, and we make this a new kind of neighborhood for our own use that they will enjoy it,” Scott Wilson of the American Institute of Architects Honolulu Chapter.

There are 29 proposed projects scheduled for construction over the next 10 years.


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