Attempted murder suspect makes unusual request before judge

Jill Hansen
Jill Hansen

A Hawaii woman who was indicted on charges including attempted murder returned to court Thursday.

Jill Hansen was marched into the courtroom in shackles, this time, for a separate and unrelated third-degree assault charge.

While most defendants don’t speak during this type of hearing, Hansen addressed the judge directly.

“I would prefer to have it in this court with a judge trial instead of a jury trial at Circuit Court, sir, if that is possible. And I would prefer to defend myself in this case, sir, if that is possible,” she said.

Her request led to a brief break in the hearing.

Later, Hansen allowed her attorney to talk and set her next court date for June 2.

Police said in a separate case last week, Hansen tried to kill an elderly woman by running her over with a car.

Hansen will enter her plea in that case on Tuesday.

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