Humid, wet weather expected for holiday weekend

From the 50th State Fair to the Lantern Floating Hawaii Ceremony, some major events are planned in Hawaii for the upcoming holiday weekend.Mother Nature could put a damper on those Memorial Day weekend plans.

Some Hawaii residents have been basking in the glow of Mother Nature.

“Perfect weather. Wind was down. The sun was up,” said Mike Souza, Aina Haina resident.

Others have another opinion.

“Humid, hot,” said Jae Madrid, McCully resident.

This holiday weekend, it will be much more of the same.

“It’s going to continue to be warm and humid. The winds are going to stay light. It’s going to be really muggy,” said Robert Ballard, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Experts are alerting residents of the weather, since many have outdoor activities planned for the holiday weekend. Meteorologists say it won’t just be sticky and uncomfortable.

“We’re going to see clouds that will pop over the islands during the afternoon. Some of those could drop some heavy showers. You might hear some rumbles of showers. You might see some lightning strikes,” Ballard said.

But major annual events are continuing as planned. Crews are setting up for Monday’s Lantern Floating Hawaii Ceremony where 50,000 people are expected. The 50th state fair opens on Friday. E.K. Fernandez has not said if and how the weather could affect the event but officials have shut down carnivals in the past because of Mother Nature. Two months ago, E.K. Fernandez closed the Hawaii Kai carnival for awhile because of strong winds.

The downpours could only hit some areas of Oahu and Kauai. Experts don’t know exactly know where, but they predict it won’t be a complete washout. Just heavy rains that may last an hour at a time. Still, the state is already preparing. The Department of Transportation is closing a lane this weekend in the Wilson Tunnel to clean the drains. Residents say, they’ll be ready too.

“Stay there, with our umbrellas yes,” Souza said.

“A.C. Jump in the ocean. Take two showers a day,” Madrid said.

Experts are not expecting to issue any type of flash flood warnings right now. But the trades won’t return until next week.


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