Crowds flock to Disney for 24-hour fun

Walt Disney World Resort

Orlando (CNN) — A lot of people get up early to be the first ones to get into Disney World, but on Friday morning, a huge crowd gathered to get in really early and stay really late.

The Disney magic we’ve come to expect exploded into the sky at Magic Kingdom, even though it was 6 a.m.

Thousands of people braved even earlier hours than that to start lining up to experience the rides and villains inside for 24 hours.

Theme Parks of Disneyland Resort in California and Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida are open for a 24-hour period, an annual “Rock Your Disney Side” event that celebrates the start of summer.

Bob and Leonna Baum said they actually got ready for this Thursday night.

“We went to bed early last night. We got up at 4 o’clock and got prepared, and got the bus, took the second bus here,” said Bob Baum. “We got here at 5:58 a.m., right before they opened.”

They were definitely not alone. When the sun came up, you could see how many people were already lining up for rides and walking main street before 7 a.m.

One group dressed up as the crew from Peter Pan, and traveled from Tampa Friday morning to be here.

They had one rule though for the entire day: “Get lots of caffeine because we’re not leaving. We’re going to stay here the entire time. The entire 24 hours.”

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