Kona Brewing Co. offers friendly advice in new ‘Dear Mainland’ campaign

Photo: Kona Brewing Company

Hawaii-based Kona Brewing Company has a special message for the mainland.

Its newest advertising campaign, titled “Dear Mainland,” features two brothers who suggest mainland viewers would be better off enjoying life as locals do.

It debuted earlier this month in Orlando, San Diego and Los Angeles, the company’s top three mainland markets.

In one spot, titled “Sad Hour,” the brothers recommend celebrating happy hour all day long: “We know when you should do that spreadsheet… sad hour.”

In a second spot, titled “Single-Tasking,” the brothers propose taking a break from multi-tasking to do just one thing, like enjoying a beer.

“The ‘Dear Mainland’ campaign truly captures the unique Hawaiian spirit of Kona Brewing and, in a fun way, delivers our message that reconnecting with family, friends and community is what truly matters,” said Aaron Marion, brand manager at Kona Brewing.

A company spokesperson said the campaign was devised after months of strategy, and already appears to be a success.

As of Friday, the videos have already racked up nearly 160,000 hits on YouTube combined. A post about the ads on the company’s Facebook page registered a total reach of 76,000, which is three times the amount of an average reach in the past six months, a spokesperson said.

The commercials were shot on location on the Big Island by independent agency Duncan/Channon and stars two local actors, David Bell, who works at Hilo International Airport, and Blake La Benz.

“Hawaii has a much different cultural perspective than that of the mainland — there’s a different sense of time, a different set of priorities. Hawaiians understand how to prioritize time to connect with family and friends,” said Parker Channon, executive creative director. “Our campaign encourages overworked mainlanders to take a more Hawaiian approach when it comes to work/life balance.

The ads are slated to run for about a month. View them below:

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