Neighbors complain about new wind tunnel at amusement park

It’s one of Hawaii’s newest amusement venues right in Kakaako off Ala Moana Boulevard.

And while the go-karts and games have been attracting the public to The Groove Hawaii, the wind tunnel is what’s been catching the eyes, or rather the ears of the neighbors.

Peter Bierly lives in a building on Halekauwila Street mauka of The Groove.

“It’s kind of overwhelming.  I would say it’s like having someone stand outside your window with a leaf blower or having a helicopter hover outside in your yard,” Bierly said.

The wind tunnel makes you feel like you’re flying or skydiving.  The Groove started operating it two weeks ago.

“We’ve gotten a couple of complaints but nothing we can’t handle,” The Groove Hawaii Operations Manager Shannon Peterson said.

It’s caught the attention of the State Health Department.  They’ve gotten about ten complaints from neighbors.

Using a sound level meter, KHON2 measured the ambient noise from Bierly’s lanai at about 60 decibels.  But then the wind tunnel started up, and the noise level went up to 75 decibels.

According to the Health Department, 60 decibels is the maximum that’s allowed from a commercial property between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

“Our solution is we’re working on vinyl tarping to go around the whole area so we’re using rubber and PVC piping,” Peterson said.

They’ve also added tires and enclosed the area with containers to absorb the noise.  Peterson says the military grade tarp should really do the trick.

“We have to have everything done by Friday,” Peterson said.

That’s when the Health Department plans to come and do their inspection.

“Well I hope it works.  Wait and see so that’s all you can do.  Was glad to hear they’re doing something,” Bierly said.

Peterson says they want to be good neighbors.

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