Reward offered in manhunt for missing ferry owner

South Korean Ferry
South Korean Ferry

South Korea is offering a reward for a mysterious billionaire who authorities say owns a ferry that sank last month, leaving more than 300 people dead or missing.

The disappearance of the man and his son has caused a media frenzy in South Korea.

Authorities say their manhunt has yet to find Yoo Byung-eun. Yoo is a member of a church that critics call a cult and have linked to a 1987 mass suicide. Church members deny involvement.

Yoo was thought to be holed up in a sprawling church compound but wasn’t there when authorities entered it this week. Prosecutors have announced a $50,000 reward for information about him.

Yoo is head of the now-defunct predecessor of the ferry’s current operator. He allegedly still controls the company.

He faces allegations of tax evasion, embezzlement and professional negligence.

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