Man falls 70 feet into Himalayan crevasse, shoots video of escape

Dr. John All
Dr. John All

Viewer discretion advised

(CNN) – Dr. John All fell 70 feet into a crevasse as he was hiking a Himalayan mountain.

Professor All had a broken arm, broken ribs, alone, and fighting for his life.

It’s a story that is unbelievable and the American climber recorded every moment.

“I feel through that hole. Thankfully I didn’t keep falling that way,” Dr. All said.

Trapped alone, 70 feet below the ice, professor john all was broken, bruised and fighting for his life.

“My right arm is seizing up I can’t use it anymore,” Dr. All said.

Dr. All was conducting climate research, hiking alone on a Himalayan mountain when he suddenly plunged into an hidden icy crevasse. Improbably landing on a ledge just three feet wide.

His face bloodied, Dr. All suffered several broken ribs and a fractured arm from the terrifying fall.

But like the survival drama ‘127 Hours,’ the professor made a life-saving decision to climb out. His small-camera in tow.

“[I’m] hurt bad but I gotta get out,” Dr. All said.

“By taking the video, I was asserting to myself that I was going to get out so I could show it to my friends and family. Because I knew it was the type of thing that, you know, again, no one ever survives,” Dr. All said.

It took around five agonizing hours but he made his way to the top with an ice axe, eventually reaching his research team’s camp where he was later rescued.

“It happened so quickly. I was thinking, ‘Oh God, thank God I stopped and that I’m still alive.’ Because I didn’t expect to keep going until it was over. And to hit the ledge and catch that little piece of ice and save my life,” Dr. All said.

Dr. All’s family still can’t believe he made it out alive.

“He could’ve been a goner for sure. If you look at it from the video he could have just kept on going down. I don’t see how you get out of that. If you look up, you see the sky up there and I don’t know how you get up there without one of your arms functioning,” his brother Joseph All said.

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