Hidden cash Twitter scavenger hunt in San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – This could be called a San Francisco treat.

Someone is hiding money across the Bay Area and leaving clues to where the cash is located via tweets.

It began last night from twitter account @HiddenCash.

Could you have used 100 bucks? Couldn’t we all?

The tweets contained clues to Benjamins stashed all over San Francisco and Oakland.

Here at Bush and Powell…

“We literally ran out of Bloomingdale’s, down the road, through the whole mall, got there and there were a whole crowd of people around — but it had already been taken” Shannon Brown said.

More at Noe and 15th…

“We got there in about four minutes, but it was just too late,” Anna Powell said.

As the hours ticked by Friday, the buzz around the anonymous donor grew as did the crowds looking for cash. Like Paul Graves at mint plaza.

“They were checking twitter and right outside in the Plaza, somebody was hiding 100 dollar bills and I guess we were just a little too late to grab it today,” Paul Graves said.

Alfie Estrada was one of the lucky ones.

He found this 20 marked with the #hiddencash at the Lake Merritt Bart Station in Oakland, and paid it forward in the form of an online donation.

“I donated it to AIDS life cycle. It’s one of my favorite charities,” Alfie Estrada said.

The identity of the Bay Area leprechaun is unknown, he or she told online magazine ‘The Bold Italic’ via email they’d made millions in the San Francisco real estate market and wanted to do some good.

“Awfully nice. I wish I could do the same thing. I don’t know that I necessarily would if I had that kind of money, but I’d like to think I would,” Alfie Estrada said.

The only request from the shy millionaire, post a picture of yourself on Twitter with the green.

And maybe Alfie’s donation was just what the mystery donor had in mind.

“I thought it was an easy way to turn something fun into something good,” Alfie Estrada said.

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