Mililani High School graduation ceremonies postponed

Mililani students
Mililani students

Aloha Stadium was supposed to be filled with excited graduates. But due to bad weather conditions, Mililani High School seniors were forced to leave without their diplomas.

“Well, it was a really bad day. The weather was really awful. At about 3:45 in consultation with Civil Defense and the superintendent’s office, we had to make the decision to call off the graduation ceremony for this evening and reschedule for tomorrow.” Mililani High School principal Fred Murphy said.

Disappointing news for hundreds of students and their families.

“I know people that flew in all their family that leave tomorrow. So it’s kind of a disappointing moment, but at the same time, what can you do when there’s lightning?” Mililani High School senior Rachel Yonamine said.

“I”m sad, but at least we get to go tomorrow and graduate.” Mililani High School senior Jocelyn Ebesu said.

Many endured the wet weather, and were already in line when the announcement came down.

<I was in the parking lot with my umbrella in the rain and then I got a text from my older daughter…But what can you do? You can't fight Mother Nature" Parent of a graduating senior, Marvin Yonamine said.

Despite the delay, it won't stop students from celebrating their achievements, and project graduation – will continue.

"Project grad couldn't be as flexible as we were at the school. So they're having project graduation this evening and they'll be doing all the wonderful festivities and staying up all night. They might look a little sleepy tomorrow." Murphy said.

A little sleepy, but still just as excited.\

The ceremony will still take place at Aloha Stadium. It's set to begin at 5 o'clock Monday evening.

Go to to view the current Oahu weather map.

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