Oahu cleans up after a soggy, storm-filled weekend

Lake Wilson

A storm system that brought heavy rain, thunder and lightning to Oahu and Kauai over the weekend gave way to sunny skies on Monday.

A man recording the stormy weather with his camera phone caught something scary and exciting on video – a lightning bolt that struck a light pole near his home in Whitmore Village.

“We were just videotaping the sky because my son (four-year-old Breaker) likes to watch videos,” said Mike Minami, “so I thought it would be cool for him to catch video of it, when right in front of us. Bam!”

“It was scary!” agreed Breaker.

“I thought it was super rare that it was going to happen like that. I thought it was going to happen in the distance, but it was pretty cool,” said Minami.

No one was injured, but the lightning knocked out the power from the light pole.

Meanwhile, the near-shore waters on Oahu are still under a brown water advisory and the public is advised to stay out of the water at Lake Wilson due to partially treated wastewater.

Signs are posted around the lake in Wahiawa to stay out of the water there after a brief power outage prevented more than 1,400 gallons of sewage from being fully treated.

The state health department is also warning people to stay out of the near-shore waters around the island. The heavy rain flowing down from land triggers brown water advisories due to water that could contain pesticide and sewage.

But that wasn’t enough to keep people out of the water at Anahulu Stream.

“I just heard the word before I went out,” said Kailua resident Graham Henderson. “I just drove in from Kailua already, might as well go!”

Water was also a problem for a while at Poamoho Bridge near the Dole Pavilion. A car apparently stalled in three feet of water, but no one needed to be rescued.

Too much water was also a problem for a church in Salt Lake. The people at St. Philomena say the parish hall suffered some minor flooding.

And wind apparently tore of some of the roofing at a home on Haku St. in Moanalua. Firefighters worked with the homeowner to make temporary repairs.

On Sunday, there were scattered power outages in neighborhoods including Waipio and Makaha, but the Hawaiian Electric Company said all those affected were back on the grid Monday.

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