Honoring the heroes of the Isla Vista tragedy

Pizza My Heart
Pizza My Heart

(KEYT/CNN) – As the killer continued his rampage near the University of California at Santa Barbara, bystanders leaped into action to help the victims.

Ellen Cottan is the student who caught the gunman hitting a female student riding her bicycle on video.

“I heard three gunshots getting closer, 8 to 12 gunshots very loud right below our balcony,” Cottan said.

Also below her balcony, a 7-Eleven and a pizza shop. Students started running into the stores to seek shelter from the gunfire.

The owner of the 7-Eleven and one of his employees were worried somebody might have been shot outside, so amid the continuing gunfire ventured out and found the cyclist.

“I saw her and she was asking, ‘Did I really just get shot? Am I bleeding?’ And then, I tried not to scare her or panic her, and we went inside the store,” 7-Eleven store employee Jorge Anaya said. “We got a stool. We put her down here. We sat her down. You could see two gunshots, right here. You could see the bullets.”

They were not only good Samaritans, they were heroic.

The 7-Eleven employees kept her comfortable, told her she would survive — and they were right.

But the gunshots continued.

“People were panicking. I said, ‘Don’t worry. Let’s just get back there. If anybody comes through the front door, we will go through this emergency exit, but everything is fine,'” 7-Eleven store owner Ranjeet Thiara said. “It was very terrifying. I won’t lie.”

Just minutes earlier, the gunman had fired outside a sorority house, hitting three young women.

Almost immediately, another courageous good Samaritan rushed to the scene.

“So, I waited and heard more gunshots, and after around 30 seconds, I came around the corner right here,” Kyle Sullivan said.

Sullivan saw that one of the women was already dead.

He watched as a second female student passed away, and then he came up to and comforted the third victim.

“You could tell she was lying down crouched. She was still conscious, talking. She immediately got on the phone with her mother and told her mother how much she loved her and she wasn’t sure she was going to make it,” Sullivan said.

But she did make it. That young woman is one of the survivors.

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