Ask HPD: Is it legal to use traffic cones without a permit?

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Honolulu Police Department Capt. Andrew Lum answers this week’s question.

Question: Some neighborhoods have cones marking off areas on the street indicating that a vehicle belonging to the house where said cones are placed parks there. In nearly every neighborhood, it is a practice honored out of respect for one another. However, when a visiting vehicle is in the neighborhood, can we remove cones or should we bother HPD to be present as to avoid any conflict with residence of such neighborhood?

Answer: It is illegal for people to use traffic cones without a permit to save parking stalls on a public street.

Violators can face a $72 fine and the traffic cones can be confiscated.

Some neighborhoods are really congested and parking is hard to find. But please don’t put cones out to save parking space without a permit.

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