Puppy shot in Wisconsin; strangers pay for medical expenses


RACINE, WI (WITI/CNN) – A four-month-old puppy shot in a drive-by shooting is on the mend thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Anyone who’s owned a puppy can tell you, trying to train a gentle beast is no easy task.

It’s even harder for four-month-old Buddy, he can’t tell you what he’s just been through. Mom Shakyra Ellis can.

“I had just told him to go walk the dog and let him air off,” Ellis said.

Ellis says her 15-year-old son and Buddy had only made it around the corner when a noise pierced the air.

“It was so quick that I heard the shots,” Ellis said.

At the corner of Lasalle and Prospect in Racine, the family says a stray bullet narrowly missed the 15-year-old and struck the dog.

“It went in the leg. It actually didn’t hit the bone. It just went through the flesh,” Ellis said.

Racine police are investigating as Ellis counts her blessings.

“My son was right next to him, right by him. It could have easily been another child on the loose instead of a dog,” Ellis said.

Buddy was rushed to a local animal shelter, when something amazing happened.

“The post was probably up for 15 to 20 minutes, and there were cars coming to the ER,” Ellis said.

By the time the puppy was out of surgery, complete strangers who caught wind of what happened on Facebook covered the dog’s medical expenses.

“And I’m so thankful,” Ellis said.

In just a few hours, Ellis says her family saw the worst and the best of their community. A happy ending worth smiling about.

“Buddy is ready to play. He wants the cast off, wants the thing off of his head, he is ready to play, back to his old self, thank God,” Ellis said.

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