Slithering snakes give massages at Philippine zoo

python massage 2

Snake massage is the latest attraction at the Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines.

The zoo’s Burmese pythons – Michelle, Walter, EJ and Daniel – give visitors a 15-minute massage by constantly slithering on their bodies.

After paying the 50-cent entrance fee, those in need of a “calming” massage lie down on a bamboo mat near the zoo’s main entrance.

Snakes are then brought out from nearby cages, and placed on top of the guests. With a collective weight of more than 550 pounds, the reptiles are supposedly relaxing and therapeutic.

Before the massage begins, guests are briefed on how to behave around the reptiles — do not shout for help or breathe too heavily.

Each python is fed 10 chickens before the massage sessions, so the snakes shouldn’t be hungry.



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