Wisconsin woman accused of cat burglary, literally

Photo: CNN

Onalaska, WI (CNN/WCCO) — A Wisconsin woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing several cats from the local humane society.

Police said Lee Ann Shore allegedly broke in through a back window at Coulee Region Humane Society sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

In all, 15 cats and kittens were stolen from their crates.

“It was pretty chaotic, there was a lot of things tipped over, a lot of crates just kind of tossed about,” said executive director Heather Hankins.

Hankins said some of the animals stolen had been seized from Shore’s apartment in early May when the apartment was condemned.

“They took out 17 cats, and the reason being that the living conditions were not suitable for people or animals,” Hankins said.

Others taken looked like Shore’s previous pets and may have been mistaken for them.

Hankins thinks Shore came back for her cats. Police arrested her for burglary, among other charges.

“I think that was her sole goal was to get her cats back because she does love them. There’s no denying that she loves her animals,” Hankins said.

The Humane Society received a tip the missing cats and kittens may be running around in a field north of La Crosse.

Animal control and investigators spent the day rounding them up.

“We were grateful that those ones were found, there are still three that are out there that shouldn’t be on their own,” Hankins said.

Two suffer from respiratory infections that require antibiotics. Another was being watched for rabies after biting a police officer.

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