Hidden Twitter cash game spreads to Colorado


BOULDER, CO (KUSA/CNN) – The hidden money social media craze has spread to Colorado.

A group of friends, inspired by an anonymous donor in California, has started hiding cash around Boulder and tweeting clues on where to find it.

From trees…

“I just ran at it and grabbed it down. It was like right through these branches, right here,” Shelby Kelly said.

To drainage pipes…

“Yeah. It was just taped on here,” Mackenzie Davids said.

These envelopes are bringing joy to people’s faces, and bringing joy to those who put them there in the first place.

“Throughout the day we’ve just been hiding them at different landmarks around Boulder.”

They call themselves Hidden Cash Boulder (@HiddenCashCO).

Ten friends, who do not want their identities known, got together to give away cash — $40 dollars a pop-in envelopes like these hidden around known landmarks in Boulder.

They did it six times today.

But why?

“It’s taken off more than we ever expected it to. And it’s just been great to see the happiness on people’s faces and people excited about kind of exploring the city,” one of the anonymous donors said.

A way of paying it forward, they say.

Shelby Kelly and Mackenzie Davids decided to try and find the envelopes together, and each ended up finding one.

“I was just really excited and everyone walking by was like, ‘what are you so excited about?’ And I was like, ‘I just found $40!'” Kelly said.

“Right when she found the money, I was like ‘Oh, so this is a real thing.'” Davids said.

And for those behind the idea?

They plan to do more of these and hope the idea catches on? In other communities.

“We’re just hoping that kind of the spirit of the pay it forward continues and people continue to do nice things for each other and remember that they are part of a community-it’s a small community when it comes down to it–and just spreading the love and paying it forward,” the donor said.

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