Hikers fined for trespassing at Sacred Falls

Two men are paying the price for hiking in an area they knew was off limits at Sacred Falls State Park.

Kaleo Martin, 18, and Cade McArthur, 20, both pleaded guilty Thursday to charges of entering an area closed off to the public back in March. The men had to be rescued by helicopter.

Now, Martin and McArthur must each pay a $100 fine plus other fees.

“It was beautiful. It was worth it, but not $130 worth,” said Martin.

“You gotta pay for your actions,” McArthur said. “If you choose not to heed a sign or something, then you’re going to have to pay the price for it. So I learned to obey the law more.”

In court, both men admitted they ignored signs indicating the area was closed and apologized for their actions.

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