President Obama hosts summit on youth sports safety

President Barack Obama is drawing attention to youth sports concussions with a White House summit with representatives of professional sports leagues, coaches, parents, young athletes, researchers and others.

The first ever Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion summit was held Thursday, to help ensure that children continue to be active and play sports safely.

More than 200 participants, including the national football league, professional athletes and the pentagon, discussed what can be done to help educate parents and athletes on how to better prevent concussions and protect athletes’ brains.

President Obama has unveiled a number of new initiatives by the NFL, NCAA, and others, aimed at helping prevent and better manage concussions.

The Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council say not enough is known about how concussions may affect still-developing brains.

The White House says Obama is concerned about the safety of his own daughters, who are active in sports. He once said he’d “have to think long and hard” before allowing a son to play football because of the risk of head injury.

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