Liliha St. and Vineyard Blvd. re-opened after two water main leaks

liliha vineyard water main break over background

Board of Water Supply (BWS) crews have re-opened all lanes on Liliha Street and Vineyard Boulevard at approximately 9:00 p.m. on Saturday.

BWS crews encountered an additional leak to the 8-inch main at the intersection of Liliha St. and Vineyard Blvd.

It was reported earlier Saturday that repairs were complete on the initial 12-inch main, as well as the now-leaking 8-inch main.

Makai-bound lanes on Liliha St. at Vineyard and the left-turn lane on Vineyard onto Liliha St. will remain closed while the repair work is being done.

Repair work is expected to continue throughout Saturday and into the evening.

The Board of Water Supply said contractors damaged the main just before 2 p.m. Thursday, causing water to gush into the street.

According to the state Dept. of Transportation’s road work schedule, crews were conducting water main installations at the intersection of Liliha St. and Vineyard Blvd.

Photos showed Liliha St. completely flooded through King St.

No customers are affected.

The broken main was installed in 1958.

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