San Diego officers go beyond call of duty for Vietnam veteran


San Diego, CA (KGTV/CNN) – Two San Diego police officers are being commended for going above the call of duty to help a Vietnam vet on Memorial Day Weekend.

“The least I could do was push him – you know that’s the least I could do – he’s sacrificed and given so much to this country,” Officer Shields said.

This wasn’t what Vietnam veteran Gil Larocque was expecting to happen when his power scooter stopped working on a busy Clairemont Mesa Boulevard the day before Memorial Day.

“You wouldn’t expect them to do something like that, push you all the way home,” Larocque said.

But that’s exactly what San Diego Police Officer Milo Shields, a veteran, and Eric Cooper, the son of a veteran did, when they saw Larocque struggling, trying to flag down traffic in the hot sun.

“I appreciate what they did – they went out of their way – how many people would stop?” Larocque said.

It was a lot easier said than done as there were some hiccups along the nearly 2 mile route – pushing Larocque and a dead scooter that weighed more than 300 pounds.

“Whenever we got to an intersection, we’d be in the middle of an intersection, pushing this guy and it would just lock up, so we’d have to drag this thing through the intersection,” Officer Cooper said.

Larocque has had trouble walking ever since he suffered several injuries in Vietnam.

Since he can’t drive, Larocque uses the scooter to run errands for him and his 90-year-old father, a Pearl Harbor survivor.

“He’s 90 years old and he’s in better condition than I am!” Larocque said.

“We think about veterans one day a year – we should think about them more – Memorial Day and then we move on but everyday to me is Memorial Day,” Officer Shields said.

After they got Larocque home, the SDPD sergeant who filmed the officers pushing the scooter down the street picked them up and returned them to their patrol car.

Larocque’s scooter is in the shop getting fixed.

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