Faulty sprinkler will cost Circuit Court $165K in repairs

Circuit Court

It’s been three weeks since a faulty sprinkler caused a huge mess at Circuit Court in Honolulu.

On May 9, water flooded the third floor of the courthouse and leaked down to the second floor.

A lot of work had to been done to get every courtroom back open, and at quite the cost.

“Our preliminary estimate is $165,000 at this point, and that includes the carpet, the ceiling tiles, the wallpaper, the new paint, and for some of the contractors that we had to hire the ventilate the walls,” said state judiciary spokesperson Tammy Mori.

Mori said the money will come from the State Risk Management Program.

Court cleans up after sprinkler flooding
Court cleans up after sprinkler flooding

“Basically there is a special fund that the legislature has, this is my understanding, that we’re able to tap into because they save for emergency situations like this,” Mori explained.

The big concern wasn’t the peeling wallpaper or the soggy carpets.

“They were worried about the mold and mildew, so they also hired contractors to test for that and so far we’re in the clear, so we are grateful for that,” Mori said.

The third floor now sports new paint, new carpet and, in some cases, new wallpaper, but on the second floor, the recovery effort continues.

“On the second floor, there are still some repairs that need to be made, primarily the ceiling tiles. But we have that budgeted in our preliminary estimate,” Mori said.

That work on the second floor is scheduled to be done in the coming days.

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