Terminally ill Florida teen gets major record deal

Jeff Mortimer
Jeff Mortimer

West Palm Beach, FL (WPBF/CNN) – A talented teenager is bringing joy to others, despite his life-threatening battle with cancer.

His real name is Jeff Mortimer and he’s a 19-year-old rap artist from West Palm Beach who can freestyle lyrics in an instant.

But if you listen closer to his words, you’ll find deeper meaning.

Mortimer is going through a life or death struggle.

He’s battling a rare form of cancer and is terminally ill.

Are you scared of the disease that you have?

“No, not scared of anything. Just have a positive mind,” Mortimer said.

With a brave smile on his face, and a focus on the music, he makes staying positive seem easy.

“Life is too short. Can’t stay sad all day,” Mortimer said.

It’s this happy-go-lucky attitude that impacts everyone he meets.

“He reminds me every single day to live life to the fullest,” children’s specialist Brittany Williams said.

Williams has grown close to Mortimer.

She was in the crowd cheering for “Young Jay” when he performed his first concert recently at Guanabans Restaurant in Jupiter.

“And Jeff comes on the mic, and our hearts and our jaws dropped – all of us!” Williams said.

Mortimer uses his lyrical talent to write and produce uplifting music for other sick kids.

He has a group called “LDL 365” which stands for living the life 365 days a year.

“We struggle 365 days of the year, so why not live the life as long while we’re struggling 365,” Mortimer said.

And just last week he signed a record deal with Sony.

“Life really don’t wait for no one, so whatever happens and doors that open, take them, go for it, try it. You learn something new every day,” Mortimer said.

And no matter what happens…

“I will always stay true and positive,” Mortimer said.

Mortimer gets his high school diploma in two weeks.

He wants to attend college for business management and music.

You can continue to follow Mortimer’s story a.k.a “Young Jay” on social media:

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