David Ige files as Democratic candidate in gubernatorial race

State Sen. David Ige filed nomination papers Monday at the Hawaii Office of Elections to officially declare his candidacy for governor.

The veteran senator from the Leeward side will run against Gov. Neil Abercrombie in the primary election, held on Aug. 9, on the Democratic ticket.

“I believe we deserve better,” Ige said about his self-described “grassroots campaign.” “We need to get government back working for the people, listening to their concerns and taking action. … This is about leading the state to a better future.”

When asked how his administration would differ from the present governor’s, Ige said “it really is about doing what you say, and walking the talk. It’s about having priorities. For example, with education, it’s about empowering principals and teachers, those closest to the children, to take the action that is required to move our schools forward. … and redoing the budget, so that the dollars flow into the classroom, rather than being stuck in the bureaucracy.

“(And) we’ve talked a lot about growing our own food, and we’re at the same place that we were four years ago. It really is about commitment, identifying those actions required, and then doing it, and not just talking about it.”

Ige has already garnered support in his candidacy from Democratic governors George Ariyoshi and Ben Cayetano, as well as the Hawaii State Teachers Association.

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