Water outages expected during Waipahu valve repairs

board of water supply

On Monday, June 2, Board of Water Supply crews will be repairing a leaking valve located on Farrington Hwy. between Waipahu Depot Rd. and Makamaka Pl. in Waipahu.

To minimize impact to customers, repair work for the leaking valve will be conducted from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Approximately 50 services will experience a water outage during the repairs. Water customers along and near Hanawai Cir., Makamaka Pl. and Waipahu Depot Rd. are advised to store enough water for cooking, drinking, and sanitation needs during the repairs.

Water wagons will be situated to provide water to affected customers.

The valve repair will take place off of the roadway and will not result in any major traffic disturbances.

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