Phoenix pool man gives CPR to nearly-drowned prairie dog

Nearly drowned round-tail ground squirrel
Nearly drowned round-tail ground squirrel

PHOENIX, AZ. (KTVK/CNN) – A Phoenix pool repairman went beyond the call of duty when he spotted a small prairie dog floating in a backyard pool.

He pulled him out and started giving the little guy CPR.

“He looked like he needed help, and I figured he hadn’t been in there for very long. I figured I could try to pull him out and try to see if I could bring him back to life because there was still a chance he hadn’t been in there for maybe a minute,” Rick Gruber said.

In the video you can see Gruber put the prairie dog over a piece of PVC pipe and started gently squeezing its sides to get it to spit out the water it had swallowed.

After a few minutes, the little rodent let out a hiccup and started to breath.

Gruber stayed with him for about an hour until it was up and moving, and watched as it scurried back into the desert.

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