Water service restored on Kauai as repairs continue

The Department of Water has installed a temporary low capacity submersible pump to its Kalaheo deep well to provide supplemental water service to the Kalaheo area until full restorations are completed.

All areas of Kalaheo should now have water service.

However, officials are urging residents to continue conservation efforts and use water for essential needs only, even if water pressure appears normal.

Essential uses now include cooking, bathing, toilet flushing, and necessary laundry washing. Residents are asked to continue to refrain from car washing, turning off automatic sprinklers and outdoor irrigation systems.

“It is important for Kalaheo residents to know that the water they are currently receiving comes from temporary sources with limited productivity,” said Kirk Saiki, DOW’s acting manager and chief engineer. “We have installed these temporary sources to minimize public inconvenience. Until we have completed the repairs to fully restore our Kalaheo deep well, there will continue to be a higher risk of intermittent low water pressure and outages. High water usage will increase these risks.”

In addition to the temporary submersible pump, the DOW has installed a temporary pipeline and booster pump to supplement the transmission of water to the Kukuiolono and Kakela Makai tanks. With these temporary installations, crews have since suspended manual water delivery methods.

Water buffalos for essential uses are currently located before the entrance to Kukuiolono Park and on Milia Street in Kakela Makai. A water tanker with non-drinkable water is located at Kalaheo Neighborhood Center, for toilet flushing only.

If you are unable to access the water buffalos or tanker, call 245-5455.

The DOW announced last Thursday that a full restoration to the Kalaheo deep well could take four to six weeks to complete.

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