Juvenile arrested after manhunt in Makiki

The arrest on Lunalilo St.

A manhunt in Makiki had Honolulu police officers scouring a neighborhood on Thursday.

It all started after a burglary was reported at an apartment building on Keeaumoku St. Neighbors say it happened at about 10:30 a.m.

Keeaumoku St.
Keeaumoku St.

“As I came back in the apartment from the back, I heard screaming and yelling and a terrible commotion. And the girl that lives below me was waving her arms and saying, ‘I’ve been burglarized! Someone’s broken into my place! Call the police,'” said Lilla La Vine, who lives in the building.

Karolina Siles lives in the unit that was hit, but wasn’t inside when the suspect broke in.

“When I saw this glass was down and the curtain from here was like this and I said, ‘Oh my God! This is my apartment.’ And I came and I tried to open the door. It was locked. Somebody was holding the door from inside,” Siles said.

Siles says the suspect stole a knife that’s shaped like a pistol, along with a watch. The suspect then fled the unit through the back door.

“It was pretty nerve-wracking, I must say. We’re hidden back there and usually we don’t have any trespassers or anyone that’s not known to us. We watch for each other,” La Vine said.

makiki manhunt swat
SWAT team

Police say they had reason to believe the suspect might be armed, so they requested SWAT teams to be on stand-by.

A few hours later, police say another burglary was reported nearby on Hassinger St.

Police say the suspect fled on foot, but was arrested near the Makiki Post Office. Police say he was also wanted as a juvenile runaway.

HPD is still investigating and could not confirm if these two cases are related.

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