Lost camera with wedding pics washes ashore in California

Dylan and Lauren
Dylan and Lauren

UPDATE: The mother of Dylan Davis saw the photos. She said the photo is of her son, Dylan Davis and his wife Lauren. They live in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA (KSWB/CNN) – A California woman found a family treasure on the beach at Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

She’s trying to find the rightful owners so she can she can hand it over to them.

“It was about 6 o’clock in the morning, I try to get here really early,” Marian Rogers said.

Rogers thought it be just another walk in the beach.

“And I always try to walk along the edge of the water that’s coming in because I like to get my feet wet, and there was a little bit of seaweed like a little tumble of seaweed and in that I could see that it was something, it was blue so I pulled the seaweed aside and it was a camera,” Rogers said.

She took the camera home.

“And I popped the disk into my computer and voilà it was somebody’s wedding,” Rogers said.

Pictures of a ceremony, arriving in Tahiti for a honeymoon and another picture with the names Dylan and Lauren, dated June 1, 2012.

“I thought, oh this is going to be easy, I’m going to be able to find this couple,” Marian Rogers said.

Rogers found the camera back in September 2012 and since then she’s tried everything she could think of.

“I went to Seaside Market and put a sign on the bulletin board, and I put up an ad on Craigslist, I’ve kind of been stuck,” Marian Rogers said.

But she hasn’t lost hope she’s convinced the couple lost the camera by accident.

“The little hook on the camera that would hold the strap is broken, so that’s how I think they lost the camera,” Marian Rogers said.

And so her quest continues.

“People need to share this story. These are treasures, we’re going to find this couple and it will be heart breaking if we don’t,” Marian Rogers said.

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