Two people arrested in Star-Advertiser ID theft case

SadieGroy, left, and Tori Samiere were arrested for ID theft and fraud.

Honolulu police have arrested two people in an identity theft case related to Honolulu Star-Advertiser customers.

Sadie Groy, 30, and Tori Samiere, 54, are charged on a combined 14 counts related to identity theft and fraud.

According to police sources on April 4, a worker at a self-storage business found boxes left outside a locker rented by the paper.

At least one of the boxes had paper records on customers including credit card information.

On April 29, police got the first report of ID theft from those records.

Groy was arrested about a month later. Samiere was arrested Tuesday.

The Star-Advertiser said the investigation is ongoing and it’s cooperating with authorities.

The Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs says by law, businesses that encounter a security breach are required to alert authorities and customers. If more than 1,000 customers are affected, businesses need to alert DCCA.

Right now, there are bills before Congress that would require businesses to do more to protect customer information.

“It would impose certain requirements and restrictions on businesses so that they would have to protect your personal information and maintain that protection as long as they maintain that information,” said Bruce Kim, DCCA consumer protector.

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