State updates community on status of Kawainui Marsh

The state’s proposal to develop the area surrounding Kawainui Marsh in Windward Oahu is drawing stiff opposition from residents.

They were briefed on the plan at Thursday’s neighborhood board meeting.

Along with added trails and boadwalks, there will also be several dozen new buildings, pavilions and viewing decks. There will also be eleven new parking lots for all the expected visitors.

Those additional visitors are what has residents and the lawmakers that represent them on edge.

“I was on the neighborhood board for many years. We spent hours and hours and months and years coming up with a plan for the marsh and this is nothing like we came up with. I’m appalled,” Kailua resident Annetta Kinnicutt said.

“What are we doing? Are we making a second Waikiki here or a tourist destination for people to come?” Rep. Cynthia Thielen, (D), Kailua, Kaneohe Bay said.

The state’s plan also includes the Hamakua Marsh located mauka of Kailua town.

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