Burglary suspect arrested after being chased by good Samaritan

Alani St.

A family in Kalihi is in shock after a man broke in while they were still in the home.

Fortunately, a neighbor was also there and chased the burglar away.

Zarina Sadumiyano was asleep during Friday morning’s fiasco and had no idea what had happened until she went outside to find police and a bicycle.

“My brother woke me up and said there was police and then I came out and saw my uncle and them saying a guy came in and left his bike,” said Sadumiyano.

“A witness saw the suspect entering the residence (and) when the suspect saw the witness, he ran,” said Byron Anaya, a Honolulu Police Dept. detective. “The witness chased the subject and lost sight of him. Responding officers were able to locate the suspect on N. School Street where he was arrested.”

The neighbor who chased the suspect away had earlier seen the man riding down the street and thought he looked suspicious. That’s why he was keeping an eye on him.

But police say stepping in isn’t always best thing to do.

“If you’re a neighbor or a witness or a homeowner and you see anything suspicious, do call 911 and always remember to maintain your safety,” said Anaya.

Police arrested 29-year-old Neal Upwini. He has not yet been charged.

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