Good Samaritan returns activist’s stolen service dog

Good Samaritan returns activist's stolen service dog
Good Samaritan returns activist's stolen service dog

SAN LEANDRO, CA (KGO/CNN) – A search for a dog, abducted from a park, had a happy ending.

After a frantic day of searching and notifying the entire Bay Area, Love, the toy poodle, was reunited with her owner.

The anxious moments disappeared the second Arthur Renowitzky was reunited with his toy poodle named “Love.”

“I’m 100-percent sure this is Love,” Renowitzky said.

Love is a therapy service dog who’s given Arthur emotional strength ever since he was shot, robbed and paralyzed seven years ago.

“I do a lot of activism and speak out with my organization ‘life goes on.’ She comes with me to hospitals,” Renowitzky said.

But someone snatched Love while Arthur was busy getting out of his car at Marina Park in San Leandro. It sparked a 24 hour ordeal that involved news coverage, a Twitter campaign, and a Hollywood star, Pauley Perette, Renowitzky’s friend, who offered a $5,000 dollar reward.

“And I saw this guy on the news, and that’s when I called my auntie and told her we have to take this guy his dog,” Daymond Dixon said.

Dixon, a disabled garbage truck driver, says his aunt, Ettie Carter, recently lost her dog after it was hit by a car. He thought of her when he says a man at the Walmart in Oakland offered him the dog, which he thought was a puppy, for 375 dollars.

“We were hoping, all the way here, that it wasn’t his dog because my auntie kind of fell in love with this dog,” Dixon said.

“I grew to love him (cries). This is hard for me,” Carter said.

Dixon turned down the reward money, and even refused Renowitzky’s offer to reimburse him the money he paid for the dog.

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