Hawaii veteran honored for D-Day bravery


Bill Paty, of the 101st Airborne Division, remembers seeing the invasion from a bird’s eye view on D-Day. He represents the only man from Hawaii who parachuted into France in the hours just ahead of the amphibious landing.

He was honored Friday evening, 70 years after the battle of Normandy.

Ceremonies were held at the Home of the Brave Museum in Kakaako in honor of Bill and to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day.

“And when you talk about 5,000 ships going across with all their soldiers on them, when you talk about 11,000 planes backing it up, the support that came, in terms of the country, a magnificent operation and I was proud to be part of it,” said Captain William “Bill” Paty.

Paty also said his one regret was that he got wounded and was captured the day after landing in Normandy. But, he escaped and still feels blessed to have served with the troops who were with him for the D-Day invasion.

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