Lost camera with wedding photos belongs to Kauai native

Dylan and Lauren
Dylan and Lauren

Two years ago a California woman found a camera on a beach under some seaweed.

The strap hook was broken but the wedding pictures stored on the memory disk were intact.

At that point Marian Rogers began thinking of ways to get the camera and pictures back to its rightful owners.

She posted signs in her neighborhood and went online posting on Craigslist.

Finally news stations began to pick up on the story and tips began coming in.

They lead to Dylan and Lauren Davis who also live in California.

“Oh my gosh, I saw the story and started freaking out. We always had this weird hope that we’d find the camera, we’ve been down there numerous times since,” camera owner Dylan Davis.

“I’m pretty stoked that people are really trying to find it, we can’t believe people really wanted us to get our camera back,” camera owner Lauren Taylor Davis said.

The camera and the Davis’ are being reunited on Sunday.

If you noticed a Hawaiian motiff to their pictures, there’s a reason for that.

Lauren is from Kauai where the wedding took place.

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