Latest lava activity from Kilauea Volcano

NPS Photos/Michael Szoenyi

As of Friday, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii island reports that the eruption of Kīlauea continues at two vents.

One is a lava lake at the summit of Kīlauea within Halema‘uma‘u Crater. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) reported Friday that it’s been getting good aerial views of the lake, thanks to the thinning of fumes. The lake is roughly 490 feet wide by 700 feet in length. Its surface is constantly moving, normally from north to south, or from the upper-right portion of the image towards the lower-left.

The other vent is on the east rift zone, 10 miles east of the summit.

The HVO also reported that even though the Kahaualea 2 flow has become inactive and stalled, breakouts behind the flow front remain active, the farthest being four miles from the vent on Pu’u O’o.

Also still active is a lava pond in the northeast portion of the Pu’u O’o crater. The pond has built up a slightly elevated rim following several overflows over the past week.

The park says that, for visitors, flowing lava is not accessible by foot or by car, and no lava is currently flowing into or towards the ocean.

For more information, visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park website.

Photos courtesy Hawaii Volcano Observatory

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