NOAA searching for injured monk seal

Photos provided by: NOAA Permit

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is asking for the public’s help to find an injured monk seal.

A fisherman called NOAA about the injured seal on Saturday after his hook got caught in the seal’s cheek at Kaena Point.

Officials say the seal is just barely a year old.

NOAA spent all day Saturday and Sunday looking for the seal, but say they have not been able to find her.

“This was a female monk seal. There are only 200 of them left in the islands and only about 1,100 in the whole population, so it’s really important that we remove the hook so that she can get back into the ocean and grow up and help reproduce and help the population of monk seals grow,” said NOAA Marine Mammal Health and Response Manager David Schofield.

Officials say the monk seal has a bleach mark with “N-58” on its side.

Anyone who sees the seal is asked to call NOAA at (808) 220-7802.

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