Preview of Joe Moore and Pat Sajak collaboration

With the play “Wrestling Ernest Hemingway” opening mid June, KHON caught up with the main actors to get a better idea of what their latest collaboration is all about.

Pat Sajak and Joe Moore wandered the park Sunday, dressed in character for their next production. This new play differs considerably from one of their Hawaii Theatre hits, “The Odd Couple.”

“Whereas the odd couple was loaded with one line jokes, this is a much more human, I think, real true to life situation for these two guys, both of whom are lonely, but total opposites in their characters.” KHON Anchor Joe Moore said.

KHON know’s about Joe’s love of theatre – but we wanted to know how Pat Sajak got involved in all this.

“We don’t get a chance to do things together and I know he did the stage and he invited me to do a couple of small parts while I was on vacation out here and I did them and I enjoyed it so initially it really was that so that we could have some time and I thought I had a feel for it.” Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak said.

The two sat on a park bench for a photo shoot for the Star-Advertiser. There were enough one-liners between the two of them to create an entirely new play. These one-liners were G-rated, but the play itself is probably PG-13.

“We should warn people who come to see, there’s some fairly salty language in this play.” Moore – “almost all of it by my character. He’s a salty old irish-american retired sea captain. He’s not a bad person. He was brought up along guys at sea and there’s swearing without even thinking about it.” Sajak said.

There is a natural compatibility between two men who have known each other and stayed friends for more than 40 years. They stay in character, kind of, as they walk through the park. In “wrestling with Hemingway” they play characters older than they actually are. But listen closely to this conversation.

“Actually, this is the first time we’re playing older than our actual age at least…” Sajak said.

“No, we did the Boys in Autumn.” Moore said.

“Like I said, this is the second time, not the first time. A lot of people think this is the first time.” Sajak said.

“He puts on these glasses and he really gets aged twenty years.” Moore said.

The play opens June 19th at the Hawaii Theatre.

“Wrestling Ernest Hemingway” is Sajak’s and Moore’s adaptation of the original screenplay.

Other stars on stage include Loretta Ables-Sayer and Eden Lee Murray.

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