City to renovate Thomas Square, bring it back to ‘former glory’

Thomas Square
Thomas Square

After recent issues with homeless people and Occupy protesters, the city has big plans for Thomas Square.

Officials have been working for years to clear out Occupy tents from the park and its sidewalk. Now, they want to renovate the park and bring it back to its former glory.

“We were rated one of the best city and counties in the United States for the number of parks that we have, but we don’t put enough money into maintenance and upgrading our parks,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

Caldwell said he plans to announce several initiatives in the coming months and the renovation’s completion will coincide with the park’s 175th anniversary.

“We do have money in our budget to start doing some of the things and we have,” he said. “We’re trimming trees. We’re looking to upgrade some of the facilities in the surrounding areas and what’s next is how do we landscape and how do we tell the story.”

The city also hopes to renovate other parks such as Ala Moana and Haleiwa beach parks.

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