Consumer Alert: Fake summer job postings target students, recent graduates

For recent high school graduates and college students, landing a summer dream job is likely priority number one on the to-do list.

But the Better Business Bureau says this time of the year is also when they see an increase in fake job postings online.

“We’re getting a lot of reports of jobs that are currently trying to take your identity from you, so they’re asking for information that most employers won’t ask for,” explained Tim Caminos with the Hawaii Better Business Bureau. “They’re asking for your checking account. They’re asking for your Social Security number over the phone, and these kinds of jobs, they’re usually jobs that you can do virtually.”

With a rush of students eagerly looking for a job, schemers see it as a crime of opportunity.

“For some of the younger kids and students, they see the risk versus the opportunity and they weigh it, and sometimes for them the risk is worth the opportunity,” Caminos said.

The Better Business Bureau says schemers are also using reputable businesses to advertise their jobs in order to help them obtain your personal information.

“Use common sense. Do your homework if the email address doesn’t match up or something doesn’t look right. You might want to take a step back before you proceed,” Caminos said.

Hawaii Pacific University graduate student Alex Delibas says he’s come across several job postings that turned out to be fake.

“This kind of pressure makes you take some risk even if you come across jobs that appear too good to be true, you still try them on to see if they are proven to be a real job,” he said.

“When the work seems too easy, too good to be true, they’re offering a lot of money for very little work, these are some of the red flags you want to look out for,” Caminos said.

For Delibas and countless others, the summer job search can be anything but a vacation.

“It is pretty stressful, but with good research and doing your homework before applying to a job, I think you can land pretty nice opportunities,” he said.

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