Duck feces force Kailua community pool to close for days

Kailua District Park pool

An ongoing saga involving a city swimming pool has lasted almost three months with solutions that don’t seem to be working.

Ducks have taken over the pool at Kailua District Park, spending the night and leaving behind droppings that make the pool unsafe to use, forcing it to close — sometimes for days at a time.

When KHON2 visited the pool Monday, it was closed again.

“We’re trying to get this resolved,” said Aulea Swim team president Larry Williams. “It’s for the kids, it’s summer and the kids need a place to swim and they need this pool.”

kailua ducks

“Right now we’re having an issue with the city and county as far as closing the pool on a day-to-day basis because of duck feces in the pool,” he added.

So where are the ducks coming from and why are they coming to this pool?

“The swamp is just over there and there is a woman who comes in and feeds the ducks in the evening and supposedly she has been cited to stop feeding them, but she still feeds the ducks,” said Williams.

When the city finds duck waste in the pool, it must be closed for 24 hours.

Most recently, the pool has been closed for four days out of the last week and this isn’t the first time. Williams said the ducks have been a problem since March.

“What we’re trying to do is put in flotation devices and flags and those type of things that make a lot of noise, so hopefully we’ve been pretty successful in the past to get them away from the pool,” said Michele Nekota, the city’s director of parks and recreation.

“They’ve tried putting like a bunch of lane lines and stuff in,” said P.J. Simon, who uses the pool to swim. “I’ve helped with that, but you never know when it’s going to work.”

In this case, it isn’t working. So what’s the city trying next?

“We’re ordering some balloons. We haven’t done balloons yet, so we’re ordering balloons and some animal-shaped balloons like snakes and hopefully that will get rid of them,” said Nekota.

kailua pool sign

Nekota said the city has spent just about $50 to $100, “because we’ve done a lot of flotation devices which don’t cost much and flags and those types of things.”

One parent said the whole situation is frustrating because nothing is being done or if it is, it’s not working.

“It’s disappointing that we’re paying for the permit and we’re supposed to be swimming from 5 (a.m.) to 7 (p.m.) everyday and we have no control over the situation. We cant do anything,” said Lisa Simon.

Until something is done, those in the community can just sit back and hope the ducks find another area to call home.

“We just would like to have somebody to get active and fix this situation. Once is a problem. Twice, I can understand. But four times in five days? It’s kind of crazy,” said Williams.

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